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Nothing is impossible, the main thing is the desire, funding and professional staff
Promoting Your Online Store

Targeted online traffic is the primary source of customers for any online store. The team of experts at ReStudio knows how to maximize the benefits of your online presence. We will help you achieve your goals by utilizing current marketing tools for website promotion.


We are an ideal choice for businesses that focus on results, aim to track their achievements, and invest in development effectively.


Our approach is to:

  • absolute cost transparency;
  • flexible handling of strategies and budget allocation among various marketing tools;
  • skillful use of a wide range of available promotion, development, and analysis tools.

Website Promotion: Strategies

Effective website promotion is impossible without a viable strategy, which will significantly differ for various businesses. That's why we always start preparing for website promotion with the development of a strategy.

It's essential to clearly define the main goal that the business aims to achieve and then proceed to develop the strategy. To do this, we take into account the specifics of the business, the level of competition, the most promising promotion channels at the start, and create a list of optimal solutions for achieving the main goal.

Comprehensive website promotion for an online store. What we offer:

To make website promotion effective, it's necessary to use a specific set of tools. We work with the following tools:

  • SEO. Comprehensive online promotion;
  • PPC (Pay Per Click). Contextual advertising;
  • E-mail marketing. Customer acquisition and retention through email campaigns;
  • CPA networks. Customer acquisition from affiliate programs;
  • Marketplaces, price aggregators, trading platforms;
  • Teaser networks;
  • Social networks;
  • Content blogs.
Such a wide range of services allows us to develop turnkey online stores and effectively support them at any stage of their development. We use the budget wisely, taking into account the business priorities and key growth directions.

Performance marketing - how does it work?

The essence of performance marketing lies in the fact that it allows you to optimize marketing tools and sales channels to invest only in those that bring the most profit. The primary principle of performance marketing is a focus on results, with detailed tracking of all processes and measuring their effectiveness.

How does the use of the performance marketing concept differ from traditional approaches to promoting an online store? For example, if you have three customer acquisition channels: pay-per-click advertising, social media advertising, and influencer marketing, and one of them (let's say social media) has low effectiveness, both approaches will work differently:

  • Traditional website promotion. Analyze the advertising campaign on social media to determine why it is not effective and try to improve the metrics;
  • Performance marketing. Turn off the advertising campaign on social media and redirect the budget to the customer acquisition channels that generate more revenue.
As we can see, the performance marketing concept optimizes sales and customer acquisition channels to achieve maximum efficiency (revenue) as quickly as possible. So, in modern realities, opting for website promotion using this concept is the right decision.

Analysis of the effectiveness of promoting an online store.

Comprehensive website promotion is impossible without quality analysis of all processes. This includes KPIs for advertising and customer management systems for the store: ROI, LTV, RFM, analysis of the target audience and its behavioral factors. You can read more about this in the section "Website Analytics - Why it's essential for your business?"

Website promotion cost at ReStudio.

How much does it cost to order website promotion from the ReStudio team? It all depends on the marketing strategy you choose, the tools selected for promotion, your business ambitions, and the competition in your niche. The minimum website promotion price starts from $800, and this amount does not include the advertising budget and ongoing expenses for necessary services.

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Nothing is impossible, the main thing is the desire, funding and professional staff
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