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Nothing is impossible, the main thing is the desire, funding and professional staff

Developing an online store with ReStudio is always an individual approach because every project is different, just like the people behind them. Our goal is to help with the development of your business and address its core challenges while fulfilling the basic needs for a quick start in online commerce.


Before embarking on the development of your e-commerce store, we will analyze all your business processes and propose solutions that are optimal for the current stage. We can assure you that an online store developed with this approach will meet the needs of your business and customers.

For which businesses will cooperation with ReStudio be most effective?
  • Those in need of a comprehensive approach to achieve results;
  • Startups focused on solving specific tasks and adhering to particular launch deadlines;
  • Those seeking developers capable of implementing non-standard solutions;
  • Those dissatisfied with the functionality of modular stores as it cannot address their tasks;
  • Those requiring integration and configuration of interactions between various services.
The price of developing an online store with ReStudio starts at 3,200$
The cost depends on the number and complexity of defined implementation tasks, which, in turn, determine the project's duration and the number of people involved in its execution.
Within the development process, we provide the following services:
  • We conduct pre-project preparation: create technical specifications and familiarize ourselves with the development process;
  • We design the right store architecture;
  • We create UX and UI designs;
  • We integrate services: CRM systems, customer service, 1C, delivery services, online payments, inventory management, fiscal check systems, and more;
  • We implement solutions for process automation;
  • We incorporate marketing tools: SEO, PPC, integration with marketplaces, email and SMS mailing services;
  • We ensure adaptive and cross-browser layout.
  • We implement loyalty programs, bonus, and promotional systems;
  • We create dashboards for convenient KPI analysis;
  • We assist with server-side configuration;
  • We help you choose the right CMS or framework.
Of course, this is a rather general list of services, but it will be individualized during the development process. The design, website control panel, and modules for all business processes will be tailored to the needs of your staff and will create maximum comfort for your customers.

We recommend starting the development of an MVP online store.

What is an MVP online store? It's the minimal necessary set of features and functionality with which you can quickly launch it. In other words, your store will be operational, and you can start selling your products or services. Meanwhile, further development of functionality and integration of all necessary services will continue.

Adhering to the principles of MVP allows:
  • Identify all development and integration bottlenecks at an early stage and adjust them as needed;

  • Break down the development into clear stages with the right priorities;

  • Optimize the work of multiple teams and minimize their downtime during the project;

  • Teach your staff how to work with the store;

  • Clearly formulate the technical task.

Support and development of the online store after launch

The ReStudio team will provide comprehensive support for your online store:

  • We offer consultations on any questions related to the operation of the store;
  • We assist with creating additional functionality;
  • We provide server support in our own data centers;
  • We help with promoting and advertising your store.

What tools do we use?

When ordering the development of an online store at ReStudio, you can receive a comprehensive range of services, including:
Development -

Implementation of effective web tools for your business processes

Marketing -

Comprehensive promotion of the online store

Analysis -

We will analyze key KPIs for advertising and the store's customer base: ROI, LTV, RFM

Such a wide range of services allows us to develop turnkey online stores and effectively support them at any stage of their development. We wisely allocate the budget, considering the business priorities and key growth directions.

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Nothing is impossible, the main thing is the desire, funding and professional staff
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